Profile : Dr. Mairo Tanko Al-Makura
Hajiya Mairo Tanko Almakura   was born in Kano , Nigeria  on the 12th of September 1964.
She is the founder of Tallafi Foundation a non-profit NGO that is dedicated to working tirelessly to uplift the living conditions of women and youths in this very difficult economic situation so that they can build a home for a better societal growth is the wife of Governor Tanko Almakura of Nasarawa state.
She has committed her time, energy and vast resources towards reaching out  to the needy in her state  and the country through her pet project, Tallafi Women and Youth Foundation. The  foundation set up with the aim to assist and support all disadvantaged persons in the society.
Mairo Almakura  an educationist at heart  she has amassed  a  Diploma in Banking and Finance, a Bsc in Management , an MBA and Phd in  Management. She has also blazed the trail in the field of education by ensuring that education and computer literacy which play  big part  the educational and empowerment programmes of Tallafi Foundation  to ensure that access to education and a better way of life for women and children.
Recently, due to her effort at promoting a better life for women especially those from her home state Nasarawa Mairo Almakura was turbaned the prestigious Garkuwan Matan Lafia by the Lafia Emirate Council.
 Mairo Almakura is married with three (3) lovely children, and has many times been referred to as an amazon with a heart of Gold.
Her hobbies include cooking, reading , traveling and helping the less privilege
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About Tallafi

Founded by Dr. Mairo Almakura - Wife of the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State

Tallafi Foundation is a pet project of Her Excellency Mairo Tanko Al-Makura (Ph.D) which was initiated in July, 2011. Tallafi, meaning support, is a non-governmental organization, an initiative of the wife of the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. The NGO’s main objective is to support widows, youth and vulnerable group in Nasarawa State. Her mission is to compliment government efforts towards uplifting of the less privileged in the state.

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  • Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria

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