For most families festival seasons are times for jollification and celebrations. But for widows and their children such periods remind them of the loss of their bread winners. Tallafi Foundation has over the years provided succor to such group of people. It was therefore not surprising when the Founder, Dr. Mairo Almakura assisted widows of Nasarawa Srare. Assisting widows is just one of the initiatives of TALLAFI Foundation. In addition to empowering women and the girl child, TALLAFI has renovated and provided hospital equipment to promote maternal and childcare delivery Students in tertiary institutions were also given scholarships and a total of 44 women received various sums of money and bundles of wrappers to celebrate Eid il Fitr. The women were so happy and shed tears of joy, calling on Almighty Allah to bless Dr. Mairo for remembering the widows and orphans at such auspicious seasons. One of the beneficiaries Malama Fatima…..thanked TALLAFI Foundation for bringing joy to their families, she said most of them are often forgotten by the society and are truly grateful for the show of love and concern by TALLAFI Foundation.

The lot of a widow is shocking!

Many parts of the world, the sorrow of losing her husband compounded by cruelty and injustice. Tradition variously dictates that she is unable to work or remarry; subjected to degrading 'cleansing' rituals; ejected from her home; her wealth taken by the deceased husband's relatives; banned from wearing jewellery or coloured clothing; and left without any means of supporting herself or her children. Much is made, rightly, of gender inequality – the lack of opportunity and education faced by millions of girls and the routine abuse and discrimination faced by women – but widows truly is the bottom of the pile – invisible, unheard, the poorest of the poor. The major initiatives aimed at relieving poverty – the Millennium Development Goals, the IMF Poverty Reduction Programme, Make Poverty History, the G20 – all are silent on the subject of widows.


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About Tallafi

Founded by Dr. Mairo Almakura - Wife of the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State

Tallafi Foundation is a pet project of Her Excellency Mairo Tanko Al-Makura (Ph.D) which was initiated in July, 2011. Tallafi, meaning support, is a non-governmental organization, an initiative of the wife of the Executive Governor of Nasarawa State. The NGO’s main objective is to support widows, youth and vulnerable group in Nasarawa State. Her mission is to compliment government efforts towards uplifting of the less privileged in the state.

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